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A wide choice of inflatable tents are available and include small as well as large accommodations and come in a variety of colors. Key features of these tents include;

Translucent Roof allows a high % of natural light inside.
Aerodynamic Shape, provides stability in windy conditions
Vehicle Standing Pads ensure secure placement and quick anchoring for short term
Light and durable material conforms to BS5438 part 2
Flame, and water resistant with UV inhibitor
Capable of withstanding all weather conditions including arctic.
Easily Erected by two or three people
Erects in under 4 minutes and requires no foundation
Can be erected in any weather on any terrain
Compact, quickly packs down to rolled unit
Units can be linked together to form larger structure.
Overhead suspension points to hang lighting systems, cables etc.
Double skin membrane Construction supported by forced air from choice of electric or petrol blower
Standard Features include:
 - 240 volt Electric Blower,
 - Inflation Tubes/deflation flaps,
 - Ground Anchor Flaps,
 - Ground Pegs,
 - Bag for Inflatable,
 - Test Certificate,
 - Repair Kit

Standard Sizes: as per price list
Custom sizes are also available

Contact Us now for full details on standard and custom sizes.